innocentcar (innocentcar) wrote,

Would You Like a Side of Stress With Your Stress?

So basically we were just evicted out of our house and there is a chance that we won't get all of our items out of the house. My mom is extremely sick and she just lost her health insurance.. again. She won't get insurance again ever. She doesn't have her thyroid pill and she is becoming even more sick because of that. I'm scared for her health. She should actually be in the hospital with her condition but she is trying to stick it out for me. Which I feel bad because sometimes I take her forgranted. Sometimes I don't show her the appreciation that I should. If it weren't for my grandmother's house we would be homeless. It is a very full house. My uncle is staying there and so are we.. plus our dog and two cats. This is all in a trailer. Err.. "Mahd-uh-lerrrr home". My life sucks right now. I just went to the hospital the day before yesterday. I have a bug bite or spider bite on my arm and it caused celluitis and lymphitis... very serious shit. So I'm on major antibiotics right now. Thank god it's not erethomyacin(sp?). But it is Cephalexin.. the strongest antibiotic. Ugh. Disgusting stuff. Makes my head feel heavy and I'm constantly tired. better than having my arm amputated.. right? >.> Anyway so... life=sucky. =]] Oh well. Hopefully we'll move soon and I'll be all fine and dandy. Until sucks muchos.
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