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My mother went to court today for the temporary guardianship of Lalie and conservatorship. She didn't get it. I am so extremely depressed and disgusted. A lot of things are crashing down on me right now. Plus.. I'm on my period so that doesn't help me being in a good mood. I'm not sure if next week when she goes for the permanent hearing if she'll get it or not. We're fucked if she doesn't. I'm so completely not happy about it. Obviously. I feel like crying constantly but I've decided to hold it in. What's the point? It's life. The end.

My list of realizations and problems that add to my not being happy:

no.1) We won't have any money what-so-ever if Lalie isn't in our guardianship. Then if that happens it is back to grandmother's house.

no.2) I don't have any friends. None. I have a few but they are busy and don't take the time to hang out with me. I have literally NO social life at all.

no.3) I don't have a computer or laptop. No way to get on the internet besides when I'm at Tyler's.

no.4) Tyler is going to be gone all this weekend. He is leaving early tomorrow morning. I'm going to be alone. Alone doesn't go over well with me. I will go through withdrawl of social company and will become even more depressed. I guess it's sleeping in for my agenda the next 3 days.

I'm really not at all happy.
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