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A Cup-A-Joe n A Lost Friend

A certain friend doesn't seem to like me as of right now.
What's up with that?
BFFL means what it means..
but I suppose that the -best friends for life- part kind of just blew away in the wind.
I have no idea why or how
what I did.
I didn't talk crap
I didn't stab them in the back
I didn't physically or mentally hurt them
I didn't ignore them
I didn't do anything to them.
they just got sick of me.
Mind you...
I heard that they didn't really want to be in my presence by someone else.
Not them.
Oh how nice to lose a friendship.
That's how I like to start my day out.
And what really makes me laugh.
Is that they still act like they are my "friend"
They call me up when they're bored and have no one else to talk to.
They come to me for a last resort.
I'll play along with their little game.
Until I get bored

I am more irritated than I am hurt by them.
But I am very hurt as well.

Oh well.
Life goes on
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the same thing happened to me, just like over night I lost 4 really terrific friendships.. for no reason.
well I really only lost one, but because they were all so close. I lost them all :[
It's absolutly terrible and sucks to think you can loose friends so fast.