innocentcar (innocentcar) wrote,

Touched My Life

I was waiting for my food at Sonic, talking to my mother about school, normal everyday stuff. Then a homeless man walks up to the telephone that they have at Sonic, and looks to see if there is any change inside it. At the same exact time me and my mother, without a word, go to get money out of our wallets. I pulled out $2.00 and she pulled out $1.00. We waited to get our food, and as we did he walked away. By the time we got our food he was down the street, way far away. As he walked, more like dragging his feet, he was slumped over.We drove to get close to him, stopped the car while we turned, and said "Hey!" to him, he came closer. He was very skinny, sweating, and had a wrinkled white shirt on with some blue sweat pants. His face was sunken in and red from probably barely eating and scarcely any water. He looked so depressed, like there was no one in the world. I think maybe god was all he had at that point. I held out the three dollars. He looked at me with surpise, like he now found someone who actually did care enough. He took the money fragility and with a smile on his face he said ,with his hoarse voice, that barely my mother could hear,"Thank you dear god! Thank you dear god! Thank you!" he mumbled something after words I could not hear. But it sounded like he said "You two are angels." He had tears in his eyes.
While we drove away he was smiling, and no longer walking around like god was the only person he had. My mom started crying and I had tears in my eyes.
I am glad I could touch someone's life like that. Just to see the smile on his face was worth more than three dollars. I touched his life, and in turn, he touched mine.
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