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The Used concert was great.. I had a great time. Rocking out and all. There weren't any cute guys there. A bunch of Mtv lovers. >_> I think that is the hardest I've ever head banged a/o jumped and rocked out.. ever. The fact that our seats were up high didn't make any diffrence what-so-ever. It was fun, until the end. We left and the security guard wouldn't let us walk a certain way, so when we were walking my mom tripped over a piece of cement? I guess she fell hard, I wasn't looking. Me and my reflexes I start laughing. And then I just had to say "that was great." I didn't think she fell that bad, just like tripped. Then she started calling me names and things, and Ashly said I was mean. sdgfhjiosdgfhsdhg I feel so freaking bad X433454386504386034. I don't think I can not describe how bad I feel. Like mega awful. I almost started crying. I am such a dumb bitch. A dumb dumb bitch. I honestly do not know what to say to my mother but sorry. But I think my sorrys have worn out. I am not sure if she will forgive me, I hurt her a lot. God damnit I am such an ass. Assuming makes an ass out of me.

The end.
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